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Zozo the demon is increasingly to blame when Ouija boards go wrong. Zozo has possessed people for centuries. Or, has he...? Join the forum discussion: The Paranormal Scholar presents a paranormal documentary which explores the history behind the mythical Ouija board demon, Zozo. In the present day, whenever anyone researches or approaches a Ouija board, the name Zozo appears with a warning. Zozo has allegedly possessed people, caused blindness and driven people to the brink of insanity. Some have even claimed that the demon has tried to kill them. His presence has supposedly been documented since ancient times. However, how real is Zozo? The name first appears in an 19th century French text, Le Dictionnaire Infernal. However, little significance is given to it. On the Internet, Zozo’s presence is a recent phenomenon, only trickling into life after 2009. Even then it seems to have been chiefly propagated by just one man, Darren Evans. We were asked by a subscriber to research the history of Zozo. If you would like us to investigate a paranormal phenomena, inform us at your convenience. We hope to see you in the comments. Discussion is the lifeblood of understanding.

By Jon Young

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